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Business & Commercial Insurance Information

If you’re in Huntsville, Alabama, or the surrounding area and need insurance for your business, give us a call. The team at Woodall & Hoggle Insurance Agency is here to help you navigate your business insurance needs and find insurance solutions that make sense for you.  

What Is Business Insurance?

Commercial business insurance is simply insurance coverage designed to cover a business, including its employees and ownership. Because every business is different, there are many kinds of commercial insurance. 

What Does Business Insurance Cover?

Every business’s insurance needs vary and could be influenced by company size, location, number of employees and industry. There are a few common policies that businesses may carry, including: 

Keep in mind that additional coverage options are available for unique business needs. Depending on your business and industry, you may need to purchase other insurance policies for proper coverage.  

What Does Business Insurance Cost and How Do I Get It?

Business insurance costs will vary based on numerous factors, including the type of policy you’re buying, its limits and applicable deductibles. Your business’s size, location and industry will also affect the overall cost of your insurance. Reach out to a Woodall & Hoggle Insurance Agency agent to get started with a quote today.  

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