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Farm Umbrella Insurance

Farm Umbrella Insurance in Alabama, AR, FL, GA, IL, KY, LA, MS, NV, NC, SC, TN, TX and VA.

For total coverage for your farm or ranch, farm umbrella insurance is the way to go. Your agribusiness needs to consistently maintain operations. This form of extended coverage makes sure that you will be protected for all manner of situations. Woodall & Hoggle Insurance Agency can design a comprehensive insurance policy to safeguard against situations like an animals escaping, a critical employee being out of commission and someone being injured while on the job. Farm umbrella insurance policies raise liability limits above primary policy limits, giving your farm an extra layer of coverage against legal liability while keeping your personal assets safe.

Lawsuits on the Rise

We live in a litigious society. With a high chance of your business being hit with a lawsuit should something go wrong, umbrella coverage becomes even more necessary to safeguard your income. Losing a lawsuit without having the proper insurance means an employee’s medical expenses and lost wages could come out of your pocket. Don’t risk the sanctity and safety of your business. Contact us now for a free farm umbrella quote.

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