Transportation/Trucking in Guntersville, AL and surrounding areas

Whether you're looking for owner operator insurance, motor carrier insurance, or private carrier insurance, Woodall & Hoggle can provide an insurance package designed to fill a wide range of trucking needs. Call Woodall & Hoggle Insurance to get more information about your specific insurance needs.

Trucking Auto Liability

Trucking Auto Liability coverage is offered with a primary limit of up to $1,000,000 for the following business classes and operations:

  • Auto or Boat Hauling
  • Container/Intermodal Hauling
  • Drive Aways
  • Dry Van or Box (single or double trailers)
  • Dumping
  • Flatbed
  • Log or Pulp Hauling
  • Mobile Home Hauling
  • Refrigerated Goods
  • Fuel Tankers
  • Tanker – Liquid or Compressed Gases
  • Livestock
  • Dry Bulk or Farm Products
  • Waste or Garbage Haulers
  • Other Special Type Operations

Motor Truck Cargo

Broad Coverage
Cargo is at the center of every trucking operation. In the event that your cargo does not make it safely to its intended destination, you need the assurance of a broad policy that covers what lies ahead.

Preferred and Standard Forms

Cargo forms include a Standard version and a Preferred version.

The Preferred Form has been approved by logistics companies and includes the following:

  • No Coinsurance Clause
  • No Commodity Theft Limitation
  • Coverage for Unattached Trailers
  • Coverage for Water Damage/Wetness
  • Coverage for Collision of Load, as well as Loading and Unloading
  • Multi-sectional Mobile Home Coverage
  • Coverage for Reusable Packing Containers
  • Loss Mitigation
  • Debris Removal  
  • Earned Freight

The Standard Form now offers Broadening Endorsements which include the following:

  • Removal of the Coinsurance Clause
  • Removal of Commodity Theft Limitation

Physical Damage

Physical Damage policies are designed to provide the best possible coverage for you.
With this in mind, the following features are standard on all policies:

  • Auto Loan Lease Gap Coverage
  • Combined Deductible when written in conjunction with our Motor Truck Cargo policy

Physical Damage coverage is offered for a variety of business classes and operations. Coverage is offered as either:

  • Collision, specified causes of loss and combined additional coverage
  • Collision and comprehensive

Policy Customization
Physical Damage policies can be customized to meet a Client's specific needs, including:

  • Variety of deductible options
  • Increased towing limits  
  • Non-Owned Trailer Coverage
  • Trailer Interchange Coverage

Property Coverage

  • Accounts Receivable: Coverage on and off premises.
  • Business Income and Extra Expense: Covers income that is lost due to suspended operations caused by damage at the described premises from a covered cause of loss.
  • Business Personal Property off Premises:  Coverage for Business Personal Property Off Premises (other than stock), including while in transit or temporarily away from the scheduled premises and at a premises you do not own, lease or operate, or at any fair, trade show, or exhibition.
  • Commercial Auto: Provides coverage for cars, trucks and vans used by you or your employees for business purposes.
  • Commercial Property:
    • Commercial Buildings you own.
    • Business Personal Property:
    • Machinery and equipment not permanently attached to the building
    • Furniture & Fixtures
    • Personal Property of others
    • Electronic Data Processing Equipment, Data and Media:
      • Coverage subject to the Business Personal Property limit.
      • Enhanced perils protection against loss by electrical current, mechanical breakdown and power failure.
      • Electronic Vandalism
      • Off premises (including transit) coverage, backup data off premises coverage, and newly acquired equipment coverage
  • Crime Coverage:
    • Employee Dishonesty
    • Forgery or Alteration
    • Theft of Money and Securities is included within Business Personal Property.
    • Money Orders and Counterfeit Paper Currency coverage is included within Business Personal Property.   
    • Theft Damage to Rented Property coverage is included within Business Personal Property when tenant is contractually obligated to make repairs.
  • Equipment Breakdown:
    • Diagnostic Equipment, Power Generating Equipment, and Production Equipment
    • Service interruption of water, communication, or power supply services is covered from a covered breakdown (when Business Income and Extra Expense is covered).
  • Signs:  Coverage is available.
  • Valuable Papers and Records:
    • Coverage on and off premises.
    • Covers the cost to research, replace or restore lost information.

General Liability

General Liability Coverage protects you against claims for damages because of bodily injury or property damage to others resulting from your business operations. 

  • General Liability Limits of $1 million per occurrence / $2 million aggregate are standard
  • Advertising and Personal Injury Protection
  • Medical Payments
  • Damage to Premises Rented to You
  • Limited Worldwide Coverage
  • Products/Completed Operations Coverage is available from most carriers.

Other Popular Options Available

  • Higher Limits for Most Individual Coverages
  • Water or Sewer Back-up and Sump Overflow
  • Hired and Non-owned Auto Liability
  • Blanket Additional Insured - Broad Form Vendors
  • Blanket Additional Insured - Lessors Of Leased Equipment
  • Blanket Additional Insured – Owners Managers Or Lessors Of Premises
  • Blanket Waiver of Subrogation

In addition to the construction trucking/transportation options listed above, Woodall & Hoggle also recommends some very important coverages that all business owners need to understand and consider:

Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance – protects your organization against large, catastrophic liability claims. The policy acts as excess coverage over your primary liability policy(s).The coverage limit applies in addition to the limit(s) provided by underlying coverage(s).

Employee Benefit Liability Insurance - covers the cost to employees that result from employer processing errors related to employee benefits. Some examples of this would be an employer not providing the employee with the appropriate COBRA information following termination that results in the ex-employee losing benefits, or an employer neglecting to add an employee to a benefits plan or adjusting coverage as requested.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance - provides protection for an employer against claims made by employees, former employees, or potential employees. It covers discrimination (age, sex, race, disability, etc.), wrongful termination of employment, sexual harassment, and other employment-related allegations. It covers your firm, including its directors and officers.

Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions) Insurance - protects your company from claims if your client holds you responsible for errors, or the failure of your work to perform as promised in your contract. Coverage includes legal defense costs - no matter how baseless the allegations. Errors and Omissions Insurance will pay for any resulting judgments against you, including court costs, up to the coverage limits on your policy. Errors & Omissions Insurance coverage extends to both W2 employees and 1099 subcontractors, and can be worldwide in scope.

Workers' Compensation Liability Insurance - provides coverage to employees for accidents or disease arising from employment.  Benefits may include lost wages, medical expenses, and permanent disfigurement/disability payments. State law requires that employers provide Workers' Compensation Insurance for their employees.