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Metal Industry Insurance

Metal Industry Insurance in Alabama, AR, FL, GA, IL, KY, LA, MS, NV, NC, SC, TN, TX and VA.

Woodall & Hoggle Insurance Agency insures scrap yards, metal recyclers, large-scale scrap metal companies, scrap metal dealers, steel plants and other kinds of businesses in the metal industry. We can protect your employees, buildings, vehicles, equipment and inventory when things go wrong. Don’t let your business experience the worst of liability issues, product recalls and changes in industry regulation.

Unique Risks in the Metal Industry

Being part of the metal industry means facing some distinct challenges, such as the theft of valuable metals. Working in the field also requires a substantial amount of specialized knowledge, so if something happens to one of your most important employees, your entire operation can suffer. Moreover, large, dangerous vehicles and machinery are in frequent use, so a potential workers’ compensation claim always remains a realistic possibility.

Don’t let any damage derail your business. Contact Woodall & Hoggle Insurance Agency for a free commercial insurance quote today.

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